Welcome to the Fort Frances Chamber of Commerce!


Since 1909, the Fort Frances Chamber of Commerce has been active in a wide range of activities relating to the various social and economic needs of the district.

We have over 137 members throughout the Rainy River District. Our membership has been steadily increasing, over the past few years, and we anticipate it will continue to grow as we work to add more value and opportunity for our members and 360-degree community. Some of these efforts include networking opportunities, volunteer and sponsorship matching, workshops and training, cross border brainstorming sessions, weekly announcements, business services, and our continued efforts to strengthen and build on our relationships with our many partner organizations.

In addition, we provide full tourist information services including trip pre-planning, regional information, directions upon entry into Canada, and site recommendations. Local inquiries include event information, contact information, networking opportunities, and general community assistance.

For assistance contact us by email at thefort@fortfranceschamber.com